Introduction to ‘Ħwawar u Fjuri’

Ħwawar u Fjuri‘ aims to highlight human experiences and stories which revolve around the use of herbs and flowers as used in kitchens, worship, love & romance, grief & sorrow and for beauty.


Ħwawar u Fjuri‘ desires to create a space were Maltese and migrants can meet each other and ‘get to know the other’ through the narration of stories on the use of herbs and flowers in one’s own country and culture of origin.

Cultural, religious and ethnic differences may create the illusion that we are very different from one another. We hope that through the sharing of stories about the use of herbs and flowers, we re-discover and celebrate each other’s humanity and commonalities. Encountering the other can enrich one’s own self and culture. Though differences are real and present, our commonalities are stronger. We want to remember and celebrate our common humanity through flowers. Join us in these workshops: L-Ikla, Namur, Talba, Demgħa and Qawmien.

If you wish collaborate with us or participate in one of our workshops in the project ‘Hwawar u Fjrui’ please do not hesitate to contact us on


Integra Foundation, in collaboration with the Carmelite Priory Mdina designed ‘Ħwawar u Fjuri’ project which is funded by the President’s Creativity Award.

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